The P3 billing system and services sets the standard for the industry.  We have been helping the telecom world's financial picture since 1988.  Let us stimulate your economy, too!  Experience and service are the hallmarks of the P3 system. 


By providing software and services to a select group of telecom companies, P3 has  been able to maintain its superior operational consistency and service for two decades.  Welcome to our site.  Explore, and see how P3 can automate and simplify your billing and customer service.  


P3:   Power   Price  Performance


Telecom billing costs can eat your bottom line.  Let P3's telecom billing software and services be your economic stimulus, and bail out your finances.


The P3 telecom billing system is the industry leader in Price, Performance, and Power. Developed in 1988, and augmented continuously, P3 has a proven track record. Simplify and streamline your telecom billing and customer services with P3.


P3's new Customer Web Portal gives your customers Internet access to bills, calls, and online payment. Price: Scaled to your volume. Performance: Ease of use is a hallmark. Power: Speeds over 12 million calls per hour.

The P3 billing system offers all the features you need to stay on the cutting edge:

  • Web portal for customer self-service and credit card payments.
  • Direct Long Distance, Local, and International Call Rating.
  • Tax Rating/Reporting.
  • User-Controlled Security System.
  • Customer Service Access.
  • Bills by Print, Media, or E-Billing.
  • Local Network or Internet Enabled Billing Options.

Contact us for a consultation on how P3 can meet your unique needs.

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