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P3 has focused on telecom billing since 1988.  The P3iNET billing system embodies decades of telecom billing experience, available to you today.  The three Ps stand for Price, Performance, and Power.  That means your billing and customer service can be the easy part of your business.  Here's how: 


Software / Services:

The P3iNET software automates your billing and customer services.  All that remains is for you to acquire the call detail records, update the database with customer data, rates, and settings, and perform the billing steps.  P3 can help you to the extent you need, or your personnel can do all data acquisition and processing.  Pick which steps you want us to do:

  • Acquire the call detail records from you carriers or switches.
  • Run the call pricing (rating) process, and the month-end (or cycle-end) close processing.
  • Have your bills printed and mailed.
  • Email bills to customers who get e-billing.
  • Operate the customer web portal.

In-House or Internet

The P3 software can be operated in-house on your computer, or on our server which you can operate over the Internet.  Processing speeds will not suffer either way. 


Call Processing

Over the years we have developed over 60 call detail conversions for calls from switches and carriers. The P3iNET rating engine provides maximum flexibility for rating calls.  Call rating tables assigned to billing numbers let you control how different types of calls are handled, whether local, LATA, interstate, intrastate, international, calling cards, T-1s, etc. 



You have unlimited flexibility in charging monthly recurring charges (MRCs) and non-recurring charges (NRCs) to customers.  Simple screens and drop-down lists you set up and control the descriptions, charge amounts, and tax handling.


Bills by Paper, E-Billing, and Internet

For each customer, you can specify how each customer is to receive their bills.  Paper bills can be sent by US Mail.  We can print and mail the bills for you, or you can mail them yourself.  E-mail bills can be sent with attached bill images or with call details in an attached spreadsheet file.  (or both)  Internet access lets customers log in to a web page to view their current or prior bills, or to view their calls.  They can even manipulate the call details by sorting by date, destination, duration, or cost.


Internet Customer Access Portal

The Internet login not only lets your customers view their bills and calls, it lets them pay for bills by credit cards or ACH payments.  They can even change their customer account information and add or delete products or features.  This customer self-service links to the P3iNET billing system through a unique interface so your customer service department maintains control with a minimum of effort.



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