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P3 Billing System Features


This list summarizes some of the key features of P3 and P3iNET billing software. These features are not normally found in one billing application.  Some of these are available as standard features, and some are extra cost options.


bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Power - Scaleable to handle a few thousand transactions per month, or millions per day.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Price-  Matched to your volumes and the features you need.  We know that your profit is vital to your success and ours.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Performance  -  Even with complex rate plans, expect rating speeds of more than 10 million calls per hour.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Internet Access - P3iNET allows Internet access. Users can access data and perform billing functions from anywhere in the world. It provides considerable flexibility, reduces your equipment needs, and centralizes software maintenance.  And the screens have the same look and feel as the in-house P3 system.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) In-House Installation -  P3 can be installed on your computer at your site. Totally under your control.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Security System - P3 lets each user control their own passwords. Managers can control what screens and fields users access, depending on what user level the manager assigns to each user.  It's all under your control.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Convergent - P3 handles local, long distance calling, VoIP, cable, wireless, TV and more, all on one bill.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Local Call Rating - P3 has a variety of approaches to handling local call rating, depending on your needs.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Tax Tables - P3 uses two approaches to tax calculations. There are built-in tax tables that users can populate, and P3 can also link to Billsoft's tax rating engine, as an option.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Predefined Features/Products/Charges - P3 lets you set up your standard "products" or features, which are recurring charges. Of course, you may also add any number of unique one-time or recurring charges to any account.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Feature Packages - Predefined charges can be grouped into packages, so you only need to specify one package when you add an account, and all the package's charges will be linked to the account automatically.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Proration of partial month charges - Partial month charges can be automatically calculated according to your preferred formula for proration.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Batch Payment Entry - Customer payments can be automated to speed their processing. This feature includes bar code data entry, batch reporting, and automated bank deposit tickets.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Speedy Backup/Restore - P3 has a built-in function to back-up and restore the database.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Conversion of Carrier/Switch CDRs - Since P3 started in 1988, we have developed many CDR converters for carriers and switches. We encounter new and unique ones frequently, but our experience enables us to add them quickly.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Credit Card Processing - P3 can handle various forms of credit card and ACH payments.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Free Minute Plans, Free member-to-Member - Special plans that allow free minutes and free member-to-member calls are available in P3.  Minimum billing features are also available.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Robust Rate Plans - P3 allows for straightforward rate plans, and it also allows for complex rate tables to meet most any need.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) User Audits - Database changes are recorded for managers to track who changed what and when.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Variable Languages - Bills can be produced in most any language. You can pick the bill language customer-by-customer.  (International bill formats are available to meet non-USA requirements, too.)

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Agent Access - Sales agents can access the system to manage their own accounts, giving the agent direct control.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Import/Export Functions - Database information can be exported to and imported from standard files. This lets users process spreadsheet analyses and reports on an ad-hoc basis. It also allows links to other accounting and reporting systems.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Bill Printing - Bills can be produce in a number of ways: [1] Direct printing, [2] Production and mailing by a print house [3] E-Billing where bills are sent by e-mail, and [4] Production to PDF files for display to customers via a web site.

bulletroundred.gif (1007 bytes) Subaccount Rollup - Customers who pay at a central site for various divisional offices can have separate bills for each subaccount, and one summary bill for payment by the home office.







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