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Over the years, we have added a number of options to the system.  These cover a variety of needs we have encountered.  Some of the more commonly used are as follows:


                     Products/Features/Packages -- You can specify products and features in a list that is used to add them to new or existing accounts.  This saves time and avoids errors in the descriptions and amounts.  You can also define packages of products and features, so you simply add a package to a customer account as needed.  Proration is also automated.


                     Minimum Usage -- For any account, you can specify a minimum usage requirement.  If usage is less, a make-up charge is billed to the account.


                     Free Minutes -- If you use packages of free minutes, you can specify for any account how many free minutes of various types are allowed.  Usage over the allowance is billed according to the rate plan you specify.


                     Export/Import -- The system allows database items to be exported and imported to and from other systems and software.  The format is generally compatible with other software and databases.


                     Batch Payment Processing -- Bar codes and batch processes streamline your handling of customer payments.  Batch reports and bank deposit tickets assure efficiency and control.


                     Tax Rating -- P3iNET has built-in tax rating functions.  You can set the tax rates to use.  As an alternative, P3iNET uses Billsoft tax rating engine to provide accurate tax rating, always up to date..


                     Work Orders / Trouble Tickets -- A robust work order / trouble ticket option integrates tightly with the billing system to avoid double entry of information, and to keep customers on-line and happy.


                     Provisioning -- A provisioning system option links with the work order and billing system to speed your operations further.


                     Agent Access -- This option lets your agents access the system and view and control their customer accounts without access to other accounts in the system that are not theirs.  It's like giving each of your agents their own system, so they can server their customers independently.



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