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Customer Web Portal

12/12/2009 - P3 now offers a web portal for your customers to view bills and call details, perform account self-service, and even pay their bills online.  The customer portal provides much greater utility to the customer than a paper bill, and costs you less.  Bills can be available for up to two years back.  Users can click on any column of the call details listing to sort the call details by date, destination number, city called, duration, or charge amount.  And a secure payment service lets customers pay by credit card or debit card at their convenience.  This supplements the auto-pay feature of P3 if you use that feature; it does not need to replace auto-pay. 


The customer self-service feature lets your customer change their profile, and order new features.  By showing them what new services and features are available, it also serves as your marketing medium for upgrading their service. 


We offer this web portal as an adjunct to our standard P3 billing system.  If you are interested, contact P3 for a demo or for more information.

New Interface, Features

3/1/08 - P3 has a new face!  Screen colors help guide your users more quickly to the information they need.  Regardless of the operating system you use, and whether you have the stand-alone version on your computer, or you are using the P3iNET version, you will see a dramatic improvement in the user interface.  At the same time, the layouts are the same, so experienced users will not have to learn new screens.


Added features are also part of the makeover.  E-billing allows for more e-mail recipients, and for BCCs.  P3iNET access uses a new connection program, so access is faster.  PDF generation is simplified.  Sales commission options are expanded.  And many fields are expanded, and new user controls let you change more settings.  New options let users control system processing of call volumes over 10 million.  And similar changes are made in the provisioning / work order / trouble ticket options.

P3iNET -- True Web-Enabled Billing is Here Today!

P3 announces its web-enabled billing version of P3. This allows you to run the P3 system over the Internet from anywhere. It has the same look and feel of the standard P3 screens. The new "thin client" technology lets you run P3 without significant loss of speed, with only modest bandwidth. Dialup connection is even practical. If you would like to test this for use in customer services, agent access, or other applications, please call us or click on the "contact" button on the left. Or click here for info. about P3iNET.


P3 Utilities


We have created some utilities to join CDR files, search for particular calls or dates in CDR files, and extract calls from CDR files.  Because we find them useful in our billing services, we thought our customers might find them useful, too.  Check out "Current Interest to P3 Users" below for particulars, and to download the utilities to your computer.

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Current News of Interest to P3 Users

Bar-Coded Entry of Customer Payments, Automated Bank Deposit Tickets.

Power entry for resellers of Packages 



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