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P3iNET Opens Doors of Opportunity for Internet Billing


KING OF PRUSSIA, PA -- P3 Millennium Corp. proudly announces the release of its P3iNET billing and customer services software, an Internet-enabled version of its popular P3 billing system. Imagine, while a user in Duluth is rating calls at speeds as high as ten million calls per hour, other users in Boston access the same database to handle customer service issues.


IT department costs: $ zero.
Hardware required: minimal PCs utilizing low bandwidth, or even netbooks.
Information status: always up to date.


P3iNET uses a thin client technology to allow virtually any PC to run billing over the Internet without loss of speed. The power resides on a server, while each client computer simply handles window presentation, help screens and user input. That means intensive processing is possible without high investment in computers. It also means no cost for staff to maintain sophisticated machines and networks. All of a reseller's departments are coordinated through the same database, whether the users are across the hall or across the ocean. And all are using a billing system that is maintained at one site.


This advance opens new doors of opportunity. Customer Service Department personnel could perform many functions from scattered living rooms instead of an office. Data entry can be done from remote offices. Outsourcing of access and entry of data is not restricted by geography. Agents can access their customers' latest bills and account status from cities across the globe. The opportunities are endless.

The P3iNET system has security features that go beyond the original P3. By changing security settings, individual users and even entire groups of users can be given features and capabilities that are different from those of other users. Customer Service users would not see the same screens as data entry users. Managers would see some screens and reports that no other users see. The security system can make each user's P3iNET system look unique. Users can only access data they have permission to see. It's not magic; it's done with P3iNET's encrypted password system.


The new system provides the same look and feel as the original P3 LAN system that has been serving telecom resellers for more than ten years. That means there is nothing new to learn to switch to P3iNET from an older P3 system. Existing data is preserved without change.


P3iNET is available for purchase, or for use on a P3 Millennium Corp. server for a monthly fee. Setup is fast and easy. For access to a demo version of the system for testing, or for more information contact P3 Millennium Corp. at 1-800-466-7718.




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