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Power Package Option


P3 has a power package option for users who sell packages of features to customers.

  • Pre-defined Features: When you add monthly recurring charges, you can select them from a pull-down list.

  • Feature Packages: When you add a customer, you can add a series of features instantly.

  • Proration: When you add monthly recurring charges, a partial month of pro-rated charges can be applied automatically based on number of days between activation and billing.

Benefits to you:

Speed -- one person can do the work of 4 or more.

Accuracy -- customer entry does not make wrong or omitted monthly recurring charges.

Order this option for YOUR P3 system today!

First, you open the "Browse Customers" screen, and press the INSERT button. Change the customer master record. Note the "Add Package" item in the bottom right of the screen. Set it to "yes" and click OK.

changing a customer master record

You will see a list of feature packages you can select. Pick the one you want.

Browsing the features package


You can view the file of feature package components, and know what is in the one you select for this customer. Of course, you can modify package components, too, if you have security access to this function of the system. You can change any item that is part of a feature package with one simple screen.

When you pick a package, each item of the package pops up in turn. For example....

Editing the quantity entry field


Press ACCEPT, and you will see the unposted detail item that was created. Of course, you may change it if necessary. (Note the proration in the bottom right. This is another feature of the powerful Power CLEC package.)

Adding the Unposted Activity


When you are done with that item, a similar screen will appear for the next one in the package. So it continues until you have picked all the items as presented, or changed them to suit your situation.

Editing the next quantity entry'




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